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About us

The company Procamp was founded in 2012 upon the dissolution of Tavex s.r.o., which has been operating in the production of residential superstructures and trailers since 1992. We decided to use years of experience in the production and sale of mini-caravans, or teardrops. Mini-caravans enjoy increasing popularity in Europe mainly thanks to their modern design that provides high level of comfort, efficiency and low increase in fuel consumption.

At present we produce 6 models of mini-caravans: Alpha, Alpha Cargo, Escape, Buddy, Freerider and Wave. The youngest in our family is model Wave, which is unique for its design and appearance. The chassis we use for building the mini-caravans are being supplied exclusively from the German manufacturer KNOTT.

Our hobby has become our job. We try to bring our passion for camping and the sense of freedom brought by this hobby into the production of mini-caravans, so you can enjoy the same happiness, comfort and sense of home on all your trips.

Company profile

procamp-teamThe company Procamp is a young and dynamic team of people, who offer you the opportunity to push the boundaries of everyday life and enjoy the fun and adventures on your holidays with our mini-caravans.

Our offer consists of a wide range of teardrop mini-caravans and accessories for mini-caravans, which will meet the expectations and needs of the most demanding clients.

In addition to mass production of standardized models of mini-caravans, we also offer mini-caravans tailor-made according to your requirements. It doesn't matter, whether you plan to take your family for vacation or travel with your friends to experience some adventure, to make short trips, off-road or fishing trips; we will adjust your mini-caravan to what you love doing the most, so you can enjoy your hobbies with even more comfort.


  • MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley
    MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley

    Britský prémiový výrobca mladých vozidiel prezentuje kompaktný luxusný obytný automobil v typickom vzhľade MINI na výrobe ktorého participovala aj slovenská spoločnosť Tavex s.r.o. z Prešova.

PROCAMP, s.r.o.
Industrial Zone Šalgovík
08001 Prešov, Slovakia, EU

Mobile:  +421 911 919 223 
E-mail: info@procamp.sk