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Mini-caravan accessories

The basic equipment of your mini-caravan may be extended to comply with your requirements. That way camping will not limit your comfort in any way and you will have a chance to bring a piece of your home with you on your trips. We provide complex services associated with the installation of all types of accessories for caravans.
Colour design

Match the colour of your mini-caravan with your car. You have a possibility to choose colour design of your mini-caravan to match colour number of your car, or you can even make your own design using your creativity. Create an original and unmistakable pair of your “toys”. This unique trailer easily attracts attention and so can be used as advertising on wheels. Our graphic designer is fully available to help you create your own advertising or decorative advertising decals. We offer a wide range of car paints, films or so-called Plasti Dip products.

Independent heating system

Independent heating system, which can within seconds create the actual “warmth of home” in your mini-caravan in your absence or at a distance, will definitely make colder days and nights spent in your mini-caravan more pleasant. All you need to do is send SMS or programme your heating system. We offer 3 types of auxiliary heating: gas, gasoline or diesel Truma and Webasto heating systems.

Bicycle holder

The lovers of active relaxation will definitely appreciate this aid, which will help you to bring your bicycles with you. We talk about simple and light holder for two bicycles.

Motorbike holder

The holder is design to carry a moped or scooter up to 100 kilograms in weight. The holder is equipped with an access ramp and tail lamps.

Other accessories
Parking Engine – Parking Assistant

To help you operate and park your mini-caravan, we offer the “Parking Assistant – Parking Engine”, which does not require any physical effort. Just the opposite, you will really enjoy the operation of your mini-caravan. All you need to do is use a remote control and park your mini-caravan exactly where you want it. Parking Assistant uses battery-powered auxiliary engines in the caravan, which are controlled by remote control.

Front storage box

This is a spacious storage box ideal for transportation of any bulky baggage or baggage that has to be transported outside the vehicle (additional tent, gas cooker etc. ...). The box with capacity of approximately 240 litres is removable, mobile and lockable.

Solar panel

Get as much from the sun's rays and warmth as you can. Recharge the batteries in your mini-caravan while driving, camping, swimming or riding your bicycle. :-} Use the solar panel attached to the roof of your mini-caravan or external solar panel.

Additional tent

The additional tent is suitable for all types of mini-caravans. Its modern appearance, size and design further enhance the experience of undisturbed moments spent on your vacation with your mini-caravan. Floor of the tent is solid and waterproof, and the walls are equipped with an exterior scrollable waterproof layer and interior breathable net protecting against insects + small transparent windows. The tent is tailor-made for mini-caravans. Owners will appreciate this practical accessory especially on hot sunny days or in rainy weather. In addition to privacy, created space provides additional sleeping compartment accommodating at least 2 or 3 persons.

  • MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley
    MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley

    Britský prémiový výrobca mladých vozidiel prezentuje kompaktný luxusný obytný automobil v typickom vzhľade MINI na výrobe ktorého participovala aj slovenská spoločnosť Tavex s.r.o. z Prešova.

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