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While mini-caravans (so-called teardrops) have been known in the U.S. since the1930s, this concept is new for most Europeans. The mini-caravans are ideal companions for camping, travelling, and leisure time activities such as biking, hiking and fishing, or just enjoying one's free time in the nature.

The surface material used for the walls and roof of the caravans is aluminium sheet or laminate. The doors are equipped with a double-locking system, which provides sufficient security and privacy. The interior of our mini-caravans contains furniture in various designs, lighting system, roof ventilation and high-quality mattresses. A wide range of additional equipment and colour designs is able to meet even the most demanding expectations. The most wanted elements include electrical equipment, kitchen set, audio and video system, additional tents and roof racks for bicycles and boats. Solar panels and independent heating systems are becoming more and more popular.


  • MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley
    MINI goes Camping: Slovenský výrobca sa podieľal na výrobe MINI Cowley

    Britský prémiový výrobca mladých vozidiel prezentuje kompaktný luxusný obytný automobil v typickom vzhľade MINI na výrobe ktorého participovala aj slovenská spoločnosť Tavex s.r.o. z Prešova.

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