Mini-caravan Escape - for rent in Slovakia

Type of the trailer: on-road, O1 category (up to 750 kg)
Required type of the driving licence: B

Mini-caravan Escape is designed for every traveller. It offer spacious sleeping room for 2 persons, kitchen area equipped with portable gas cooker, 40l cooling box (powered from car-battery or 230V when hooked up or by gas (replacable gas cartridge). There is also 15l water tank with manual tap pump and basin.
The cabin is equipped with el. lights, 12V and 230V sockets.

The source of the el. energy is 12V battery which is rechargable after the trailer is hooked up the 230V mains (in camping place for instance) or by means of solar panel installed on the roof of the trailer. The el. hookup cable is included.

Mini-caravan Escape is suitable for short trips or even for long road-trips or camping.

You can book the trailer via web form:
The configuration of the trailer:
  • Rear support legs - pair
  • Ceiling fan (without fan)
  • Side door with window, right and left (with window blind and mosquito net)
  • Side storage net
  • LED indoor ceiling lighting
  • Internal socket 12V 
  • Adapter 7/13 pin
  • Wall cup holder 
  • Mattress (for 2 persons - 140 x 200 cm)
  • LUX furniture (cabinets with lockable doors)
  • LED exterior lighting for both doors
  • 230V connection (with power cable) + 230V internal sockets
  • Protective module against car battery discharge
  • Cooling box ACX40G, 40l (12 / 230V / gas cartridge)
  • Portable gas cooker + grill pad + spare cartridge
  • Water tank (15 l) + sink with manual tap pump
  • 12V battery + battery charger
  • Lock on the coupling device
  • Roof tent (for 2 persons)

For more information about the trailer or reservations possibility please contact our partner:

Jairo Outdoor s.r.o.
Pifflova 4
​851 01 Bratislava

tel.: ​+421 911 279 888


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Procamp's mini-caravans are new to the European market. The company has been successfully operating in the development, manufacture and sale of mini-caravans. Discover the world of camping with elegant and practical teardrop mini-caravans, and find out that less is sometimes more.
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