Common questions
How much does mini-caravan cost?
Do I have to pay VAT?
Do I need a special driving license?
How long will it take to get my mini-caravan?
What is the registration process of mini-caravan?
What is the warranty?
How to prevent mini-caravan from being stolen?
How is the transport provided?
How much is the freight costs?
What about the custom clearance?
Before you hit the road.
How to coupling mini-caravan to the car?
Coupling the mini-caravan checklist.
All over check list
Who is the producer of the chassis?
What kind of suspension do mini-caravans have?
How to change a wheel with defective tyre?
For jacking to change a wheel is there any specific point that should be used?
Should the Jockey wheel be detached from the clamp while towing?
Electric equipment
I have only 7-pin socket for trailer connection in my car, is that OK?
How to protect car battery is drained out when caravan is connected to the tow car?
Is there 12V el. network installation in mini-caravan?
If there is 12V built-in battery in mini-caravan, how can I recharge it?
Is built-in battery recharged automatically when towing the mini-caravan?
Is there 230V el. network installation in mini-caravans?
When trailer is hooked up to the 230V mains, does the built-in battery automatically charge?
Is there any way to get 230 V without getting hooked up to the mains?
What is the power supply unit which is installed in Premium model versions and in Alpha?
Where I can control the power unit (and thus the built-in battery) from?
Water system
How is the fresh water provided?
Can I have shower installed in mini-caravan?
Is there any way to get hot water in mini-caravan?
In the terms of shower - may this be installed in the mini-caravan without built-in battery?
Gas installation
Is there gas system installed in mini-caravans by default?
If there is no gas system installed in the mini-caravan, how can I cook the meal?
Is gas system safety for my mini-caravan?
Where is the gas bottle located?
What is the gas primarily used for?
Which gas bottle I can use?
What material is the cabin made from?
When sleeping in, how is the fresh air provided?
Can I choose the colour of my mini-caravan?
What is ProCamp trailers roof load rating?
Cabin equipment
What is the wall decoration of the cabin?
What is the cabin equipment?
How is the ventilation provided, is there any?
Lighting equipment
How is the lighting of the cabin provided?
What material is the furniture made from?
Can I choose an other color of the furniture?
Fridge (cooling box)
How is the fridge (cooling box) powered?
What kinds of fridge (cooling boxe) do you offer?
What is the difference between connecting the cooling box to the 12V "only when driving socket" and the normal 12V socket?
Basic configuration and accessories
What exactly does basic configuration of mini-caravan mean?
Does the Pioneer not have space under the floor for accessory fitting? Is that one of the big differences when going up to the Scout?
Does the Pioneer have a battery? If not, is this an option to fit?
Is it possible to fit a larger water tank in the Pioneer?
If I want a Scout (STD+) or Explorer (PRE) but then not some of the accessories, could these be taken off the price?
Water tank leakage
Cabin lights don’t work when trailer is hooked up to the 230V mains
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