Statement des Gründers von Procamp Martin Dravecký zur neuen Ära von Procamp und seiner Verbindung mit der tschechischen Marke Egoé.

Procamp has been in the mini-caravan business for over 10 years. As the founder and owner of Procamp, I have gone through various business situations with Procamp, and I have always been looking for the best solutions for our customers, product and the company.

The market with mini-caravans has been growing every year and this is the time when the company needs to stronger its position. My vision and goal since the founding was to make Procamp the best player in the mini-caravan market.

About 6 years ago, I started looking for an investor or a strategic partner. It was a very interesting and long journey where I met several companies and individuals.
Finally, I had the opportunity to get to know Egoe. We have been in contact for almost 4 years and in the meantime, we also started some business activities at the partnership basis.

After some time of cooperation with Egoe it has become obvious for me that the people, know-how, market knowledge, necessary capital and further assets would make from Egoe a great strategic partner and would help me to develop Procamp further.

The Egoe develops, manufactures and sells various inovative products, one of which is the "Nestbox" - a camping solution for vans and cars. I chose this company because it meets most of the criteria to be the right Procamp partner for future.

Among the most important are: it is a strong company with experience in design and production, focused on the related area of ​​camping solutions with similar target customer group, there is also a certain synergy between Procamp,Egoe's products and business philosophy.

At the same time, Egoe brings capital to invest in Procamp, which shall further improve the product and its accessories, marketing, increase production capacity and shorten the delivery time.This will also help us to expand in the market. The company's location in the Czech Republic shortens the distance to customers in western Europe.

Egoe is a group of individual companies cooperating with each other and one of them is now company Procamp. You can also find more information on

This means that Procamp acquires a "new wind in the sails" and Egoe acquires 100% ownership of Procamp. As the founder and CEO of Procamp, I will stay with Procamp in leading position and will continue my mission to make our products and services the best on the 

I am convinced that we all will benefit from this new era.

I wish you good health and a great camping season.

Martin Dravecky
Founder and CEO of Procamp