About us

The journey of Procamp’s creation was and still is as adventurous and winding as the journeys to explore different parts of the world.

Everyone has something in their DNA that is the love of their life. I have a longing for adventure, being in nature, the desire to lie under the open sky, to discover the beauty of the world and to count the stars in the evening sky. I’ve combined all of this in Procamp’s products, the minicaravan. Also known in the world as a teardrop trailer. Only with it will you experience the feeling of freedom, when you can go anywhere, stop anywhere and nothing limits you.


The whole project started much earlier. In 2001, in our family business Tavex, where we were working in the garage together with my father Tomas, we started to produce caravan bodies for pick-up trucks for a German partner. He was the one who instilled in me a love for camping.

Initially I worked in New Zealand, where I first discovered minicaravans and fully succumbed to their charm. I was convinced that this product, as it has been popular in the USA (since the 1940s), would be loved by customers here as well. I wanted to be there when the Europeans, too, discover the amazing possibilities that minicars offer them. That’s why in 2012 I founded a separate company for the production and sale of Procamp minicaravans.

(Martin Dravecky)


After years of development, we have managed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. We went through a difficult path from the prototype to debugging errors in production, through technology and quality problems, when we traveled all over Europe and fixed what we did not know based on our own experience. The next challenging step was the homologation process, which we finally successfully completed and became the holder of the European Global Type Approval, as an official global vehicle manufacturer.

This product combines many years of “heritage” of American teardrops. Today, we have succeeded in creating a quality product that meets the highest criteria for its utility and has acquired a global dimension. This is not only thanks to our customers and dealers, but also thanks to our employees. Because when the entire company lives the corporate strategy, only then will we create the perfect mini-caravan. I’m proud that people from Asia to Australia travel with our minivans.