Bushcamp Cargo

Empty road camper with generous loading and storage space.

Unlike the Explorer version, it does not include a built-in kitchenette with furniture.

We recommend the Cargo to anyone who doesn’t need a built-in kitchen, but often needs a lot of different equipment or is just looking for an alternative to sleeping under a tent. It is the ideal trailer for a variety of uses.

The standard colour version is white.

Technical info

The caravan cabin consists of a vacuum-formed sandwich panel with a core of polyurethane foam and laminate boards glued to the core on both sides. The thickness of the sandwich panel is 28mm and the joints are carefully glued and sealed. The entire caravan is therefore waterproof and thermally insulated.

At the same time, the Bushcamp is built on a Knott brand XL offroad chassis with high load capacity and durability.

Curb weight 550 kg
Max. drawbar load 75 kg
Drawbar load 30 kg
Max. total weight 1300 kg
Maximum documentability 750 kg
External cabin height 136 cm
Cabin interior height 120 cm
Total height of the caravan 188 cm
Overall width of the caravan 237 cm
Cabin width without mudguards 157 cm
Internal width of the cabin 148 cm
Total length 440 cm
Outer length of the cabin 310 cm
Internal length of the cabin 274 cm
Mattress 142 × 217 × 10 cm
Dimensions of the ceiling fan 33 × 36 cm
Tire size (standard) 235/75 R15