At the beginning of this year, there were changes in the ownership structures of Procamp. These are accompanied by changes in the presentation and appearance of the company.

Procamp will remain Procamp

At the turn of 2020 and 2021, the Slovak Procamp was bought by Egoé company with the clear intention of moving the established brand in the field of mini-caravans one step forward. This change does not change the quality of the caravans produced, on the contrary, it will be an effort to accept changes in the future that will move the caravans a few steps forward.

The first such step is to change the visual style of the company. The original Procamp logo replaces a simpler and more elegant variant that will help the company better set the next direction that the company will take. The logo forms the name Procamp in a simple font with precise geometry and clearly defines the capitals in the company name. The abraded P is intended to symbolize the tendency towards the future and at the same time refers to the already typical shape of Procamp caravans. It points to the thinking of a society that is open to new steps. Procamp's own orange color is used in the new visual style as a complementary color and is supplemented with a modern green.

In parallel with the change of the logo, the website is also changed. These are now more modern and smarter than ever before. They contain all the important information and documents you may need when making a decision.

The individual models of caravans will also undergo a partial transformation, which will be given a more modern and cleaner design, similar to the company's visual style.

Stay tuned.