V2021212 Bushcamp Explorer

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Item codeV2021212
More info The most favourite mini-caravan built on an off-road chassis, with a kitchen accessible from the back.
We recommend Bushcamp to everyone who does not want to be bounded by asphalt roads but wants to go on an adventure where no road leads to. Apart from the large sleeping area and enough storage capabilities, the Explorer model version is also equipped with a kitchen, 45l water tank and 12V battery, which makes it suitable for a longer stay outdoors. There is also a variety of additional equipment and accessories available.

All the mini-caravans are white by default.

Standard equipment

P1000xCabin - sandwich panelDetails
P4903xInternal socket 12VDetails
P29164Protective coating of the chassis and front coverDetails
P1902xRear support legsDetails
-Dometic folding windowDetails
P29001Side door rightDetails
P39104Side storage netsDetails
P39101Tilting wall hangerDetails
P39103Interior luggage netDetails
P49003Exterior door lightingDetails
P49006Battery discharge protection moduleDetails
P59045Fridge Dometic ACX40Details
P59021Built-in water tank, sink with faucet and pumpDetails
P49041Battery level and water level sensorDetails
P2920xExpedition fenders blackDetails
P29205Safety front stepsDetails
Interior ceiling lighting (2pcs)Details
P1800xBraking galvanized chassis KnottDetails
P1904xWheels, sheet metal discsDetails
-7/13 pin adapterDetails
P39001Ceiling windowDetails
P32001Interior upholsteryDetails
P39102Drink holders on the wallDetails
P4903xExternal connection to 230V with adapterDetails
T59015Portable gas stove with one burnerDetails
P49000Kitchen lightingDetails
P49104Flexible interior lampDetails
P49022Built-in 12V car batteryDetails
P1901xSpare wheel with holderDetails
P29205Storage space under the mattressDetails

Technical info

The cabin of the trailer is made from the PU sandwich panel (made up of two laminate sheets and a rigid polyurethane foam core in between). The wall thickness is 28 mm and the cabin is assembled to make it waterproof. The insulation characteristics of the PU sandwich panels are excellent. The Bushcamp model series is built on the Knott off-road chassis with high load capacity and durability.

Curb weight800 kg
Max. weight on the drawbar130 kg
Weight on the drawbar30 kg
Maximum total weight1300 kg
Maximum payload700 kg
Outside cabin height136 cm
Interior height110 cm
Overall height of the trailer188 cm
Overall width237 cm
Body width without fenders157 cm
Interior width148 cm
Overall length450 cm
Outside cabin length310 cm
Interior cabin length220 cm
Mattress142 × 217 × 10 cm
Dimensions of roof window33 × 36 cm
Dimension of tires (standard)235/75 R15

Delivery info

Important info:

a) Delivery time: The delivery time depends on the type of mini-caravan and the selected optional equipment. However, we usually count approximately 4 months from the payment of the advance invoice. We will always let you know in advance when your goods will be made, or when to expect delivery.
b) Transport costs are not included.
c) The photos are illustrative, the exact technical specification depends on the type of trailer.

Other products in this collection

Cabin - sandwich panel

Sandwich panel thickness: 28mm. Material: PUR, laminate

Interior ceiling lighting (2pcs)

LED cabin ceiling lighting. Touch control, white and blue color.

Internal socket 12V

Built-in 12V socket in the cabin interior - accessible from the living space.

Braking galvanized chassis Knott

Knott chassis, size XL.

Protective coating of the chassis and front cover

High-scratch scratch-resistant coating. Black color.

Wheels, sheet metal discs

Rear support legs

Pair, in black for all versions of Scout and Explorer.

7/13 pin adapter

Towbar socket reduction.

Dometic folding window

The window is installed on the left side of the trailer. It includes a blind and an insect net.

Ceiling window

Openable ceiling window with the possibility of ventilation. The window includes a blind and an insect net.

Side door right

Door with Dometic window. The window includes a blind and an insect net.

Interior upholstery

Basic variant light gray.

Side storage nets

A pair of side storage nets installed indoors.

Drink holders on the wall

A pair of folding drink holders installed in the cab.

Tilting wall hanger

A pair of hangers installed indoors on the wall of a caravan.


Three-part folding mattress. Size of cargo space 200 × 147 cm.

Interior luggage net

Dimensions: 1000 × 1400 mm


Kitchen and interior cabinets with openable doors.

Exterior door lighting

LED lighting for the right door. The light is installed above the door.

External connection to 230V with adapter

230V connection + 230V interior sockets

Battery discharge protection module

The module provides protection of the car battery against discharging when the caravan is connected to the car and the car battery is used to power the elements of the mini-caravan (lights, sockets).

Portable gas stove with one burner

The stove is independent of the built-in kitchen and can therefore be used anywhere. The stove includes a grill mat and a refill.

Fridge Dometic ACX40

Absorption refrigerator with a volume of 40l, connection 12V / 230V.

Kitchen lighting

LED kitchen space lighting.

Built-in water tank, sink with faucet and pump

Set for water distribution in the caravan. The water tank with a volume of 40 l is located in the double floor and distributed across the caravan by means of a pump. Water is replenished through the throat from the outside. In the kitchen there is a sink with faucet and drain.

Flexible interior lamp

LED portable adjustable lamp. The light is located in a vertical 12V socket.

Battery level and water level sensor

Electrical indicator of the water level in the tank and the state of charge of the battery.

Built-in 12V car battery

Car battery with a capacity of 80Ah. It includes a converter from 230V to 12V.

Expedition fenders black

Special durable fenders that can be built on. You will especially appreciate them when placing things on the roof.

Spare wheel with holder

The spare wheel is located on the side of the caravan. This is a full-fledged spare wheel.

Safety front steps

Protective frame of the front of the caravan.

Storage space under the mattress

The double floor in the caravan allows you to place a number of things under the mattress. At the same time, it contains a faucet and a water tank.