V2017001 Wave

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Item codeV2017001
More info The Wave is an ultralight mini-caravan that weighs only 290 kg and can therefore be hooked up to any vehicle (even a motorcycle or trike). This mini-caravan offers a sleeping area for up to two people and there are many additional equipment and accessories available.

All the mini-caravans are white by default.

Standard equipment

P1000x Cabin - sandwich panel Details
P4903x Internal socket 12V Details
P1904x Wheels, sheet metal discs Details
- 7/13 pin adapter Details
P29001 Side door right Details
P39104 Side storage nets Details
P39101 Tilting wall hanger Details
P39103 Interior luggage net Details
Interior ceiling lighting (2pcs) Details
P1800x Braking galvanized chassis Knott Details
P1902x Rear support legs Details
P39001 Ceiling window Details
P32001 Interior upholstery Details
P39102 Drink holders on the wall Details
T3901x Mattress Details

Technical info

The shell of the Wave mini-caravan is made of a laminate skeleton what makes this trailer unique. It's moulded as a one-piece and is completely waterproof.

The Wave model version of the mini-caravans is built on the braked Knott road chassis, which ensures a comfortable ride.

Curb weight 290 kg
Max. weight on the drawbar 75 kg
Weight on the drawbar 20 kg
Maximum total weight 750 kg
Maximum payload 460 kg
Outside cabin height 123 cm
Interior height 95 cm
Overall height of the trailer 158 cm
Overall width 178 cm
Body width without fenders 145cm
Interior width 142 cm
Overall length 365 cm
Outside cabin length 233 cm
Interior cabin length 215 cm
Mattress 118 × 195 × 10 cm
Dimensions of roof window 33 × 36 cm
Dimension of tires (standard) 155/70 R13

Delivery info

Important info:

a) Delivery time: The delivery time depends on the type of mini-caravan and the selected optional equipment. However, we usually count approximately 4 months from the payment of the advance invoice. We will always let you know in advance when your goods will be made, or when to expect delivery.
b) Transport costs are not included.
c) The photos are illustrative, the exact technical specification depends on the type of trailer.

Cabin - sandwich panel

Sandwich panel thickness: 28mm. Material: PUR, laminate

Interior ceiling lighting (2pcs)

LED cabin ceiling lighting. Touch control, white and blue color.

Internal socket 12V

Built-in 12V socket in the cabin interior - accessible from the living space.

Braking galvanized chassis Knott

Knott chassis, size XL.

Wheels, sheet metal discs

Rear support legs

Pair, in black for all versions of Scout and Explorer.

7/13 pin adapter

Towbar socket reduction.

Ceiling window

Openable ceiling window with the possibility of ventilation. The window includes a blind and an insect net.

Side door right

Door with Dometic window. The window includes a blind and an insect net.

Interior upholstery

Basic variant light gray.

Side storage nets

A pair of side storage nets installed indoors.

Drink holders on the wall

A pair of folding drink holders installed in the cab.

Tilting wall hanger

A pair of hangers installed indoors on the wall of a caravan.


Three-part folding mattress. Size of cargo space 200 × 147 cm.

Interior luggage net

Dimensions: 1000 × 1400 mm