This ultra-lightweight caravan weighs only 190kg and can therefore be connected to any vehicle, as well as to a tricycle or a motorcycle with a towing device.

This caravan also has a large amount of storage space. The sleeping area provides enough space for two people. The caravan can be supplemented with optional equipment.

The standard colour version is white.

Technical info

Unlike other caravans, Wavu’s cabin is made of a laminate skeleton, which is unique in the world of mini caravans. The cabin is moulded as one piece and is therefore completely watertight. Thanks to its low weight of only 190kg it can also be plugged in behind tricycles.

The Wave category is built on a Knott braked road chassis to ensure a comfortable ride.

Curb weight 290 kg
Max. drawbar load 75 kg
Drawbar load 20 kg
Max. total weight 750 kg
Maximum documentability 460 kg
External cabin height 123 cm
Cabin interior height 95 cm
Total height of the caravan 158 cm
Overall width 178 cm
Cabin width without mudguards 145cm
Internal width of the cabin 142 cm
Total length 365 cm
Outer length of the cabin 233 cm
Internal length of the cabin 215 cm
Mattress 118 × 195 × 10 cm
Dimensions of the ceiling fan 33 × 36 cm
Tire size (standard) 155/70 R13