Why a minicaravan?

Mini caravans have different characteristics compared to classic caravans or motorhomes. They are smaller, lighter and their use can be much more flexible.

Take a look at their greatest strengths.

I sleep inside, I live outside

Kitchenette, shower, shelter or barbecue. All the gadgets are placed outside in our minicaravans. So you won’t lose a hair of the best stuff for camping.

Driving licence “B” is sufficient

Thanks to the light weight of minicaravans, there is no need to take an extended version of driving licences. With all our caravans, you can get by with a classic B-category driving licence.

Winter will not surprise me

All our caravans are thermally insulated, and as part of the optional equipment, you can also add external heating to them. So you can go on an adventure in any weather.

Small but smart

Thanks to the size of our minivans, you don’t have to deal with parking problems. Our caravans will easily fit into your regular garage.

Everything I’ll need

We are able to install a large number of additional equipment in all caravans, which will definitely come in handy on the road.

Roads are not the limit

Caravans of the Bushcamp category are built on an off-road chassis, so you can go anywhere with them.

Just choose


Our most popular caravan.
With it, nothing will surprise you on the road or outside.


A good old classic.
You’ll feel right at home in this elegant minicaravan.


Unique design and light weight.
The Wave is a great companion for weekend walks.

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